Do you want to feel real pleasure? Learn all the secrets of good photos!
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The smartphone is the easiest tool to capture the events and emotions of your trip. However, the quality of the resulting images is often poor. Cole Rice, photographer and traveler, reveals several secrets of mobile photography to help you bring stunning shots from your trip.
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1. Add highlights to shadows and darken highlights.

2. Add vignette and shadow effect to make the photo brighter.

3. Edit the image and then return all settings back to 50%.

4. Take pictures of people wherever possible.

5. People help to convey the scale of objects.

6. Try to take pictures leaning out of the car window.

7. To get an interesting shot, place your smartphone on the roof of the car.

8. Lower the gadget to the surface of the water to create a cool reflective effect.

9. Hold your smartphone upright when shooting for Instagram.

10. When shooting landscapes, press the volume button to release the shutter.

11. Get closer to the ground if you want to bring the subject to the front.

12. Do not draw attention or carry a backpack with you.

13. Bad weather = great photo.

14. Be prepared to shoot even in the most unexpected moments.

15. To get the best shots, go further than others.
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